Specialize in modeling, governing and digitizing the processes of complex organizations.

We implement or adopt technologies with the goal of aligning strategic goals with the three most relevant components that influence their achievement:
processes, collaboration, and knowledge.

Our focus is on transforming decision-making and collaborative work processes with low digital coverage.

Over twenty years of experience have resulted in best practices in different areas of the company.

We design and implement a digital ecosystem, consisting of a mix of technologies and applications, naturally connected, that
integrate, surround, backend ERP and enterprise verticals.

Its adaptive and collaborative nature allows organizations to address cross-cutting and horizontal processes, thus avoiding the traditional approach by transactional silos.

Our Enterprise Digital Platform. A state-of-the-art, complete, secure, horizontal platform for ''Digital Content & Process Management'', suitable for building tailor-made solutions in the Enterprise market. Yubik enables the design and implementation of unstructured and collaborative processes by managing all process variants quickly and easily. Yubik aggregates in a single shared space the process, its data, communications and related documents and is immune to organizational and procedural changes.

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