Our RegTech solution, which stands for "regulation" and "technology," radically transforms the Governance and Risk and Compliance (GRC) process by overcoming current fragmentation, creating an environment conducive to change management and digital transformation.

The benefits are tangible:

  • The solution allows to design process, architectures, compliance and drafting regulations. The information so obtained can be used by applications at run time level, ensuring a high degree of conformance between the ideal (norms, drawings, etc.) and the real domain.
  • The solution creates an integrated view of the information and enables better co-ordination between different offices throughout the GRC process, avoiding waste of time and redundancy
  • The solution is sewn like a glove for each company thanks to: a platform that allows high level of customization of processes, data and template… and a team of experienced people close to the client needs.
  • The solution is flexible and easily adapts to organizational changes and new operating models.

So, don't be afraid to change.

Reasons for choosing DocFlow

Your company is unique and so are your processes. You are not obliged to standardise your processes or to align them with those of others. Our solutions do not simply implement the best common practice, they implement YOUR best practice; in this way you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage.

Clients are our best testimonials. Over the years, we’ve served and provide a vast range of digital solutions to numerous large Enterprises , prestigious Institutions and Public Administrations, operating in numerous industries, markets and sectors. A wealth of experience and best practices at your service.

Flexibility. We are experts in collaborative processes, which by nature are changeable over time; with us you don't risk that the solution will become obsolete if processes or organization changes. DocFlow applications evolve together with your Company.

The implementation choice. Let it all be on us or let’s share: you can decide the best working method that suits your needs and organization, from Software as a Service to On Premise, with different intermediate solutions.

The integration capabilities with your ERP and legacy systems. Not only SAP, our solutions interface with a vast number of different ERP systems and with external applications through staandardised , reliable and secure communication busses.

Specialization. We are proud to be a niche company. For more than 25 years we have been focused exclusively on digitalization. We are experts in ECM (document management), BPM (process management), DCM (Dynamic Case Managemnt) and collaboration and we continuously apply our knowledge "on the field", solving “difficult problems” and "special cases" together with our clients.