About Us

With our projects we support our clients in improving efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of their business processes: we are pioneers of digital transformation.
DocFlow helps large and middle Enterprises and Organizations to digitally re-think their processes and accompanies them along the path of business process, document and knowledge digitalization, thus contributing in increasing their competitiveness and excellence.
DocFlow’s mission statement is: “To help our customers digitally rethink their processes, for improving efficiency and concentrating on growth”

Our peculiarity


  • Centralized
  • Managers
  • Vertical Career Path
  • Promotion
  • Model Centered
  • Plan Driven
  • Predetermined
  • PM Ownership
  • Planned change
  • Design Predict and control
  • Tension = problem
  • Business Focused


  • Distributed
  • Self-management
  • Non-linear Career Path
  • Growth and development
  • Customer Centered
  • Iterative e Incremental Quick Hit
  • Adaption
  • Shared Ownership
  • Quick and pragmatic change
  • Evolution Experiment and adapt
  • Tension = fuel
  • Delivery Focused

Our History

Our history begins in 1995, when even just talking about DOCument FLOW seemed futuristic. At the beginning,, our activities were dedicated to support pioneering companies in the adoption of ECM - Enterprise Content Management and BPM - Business Process Management technologies.
The innovative spirit, deeply rooted in DocFlow, soon generated the awareness that ECM and BPM are enabling factors to create a new type of applications.

At the end of the 1990s this resulted in an important project for the management of documents and administrative processes of a prestigious Italian company listed among the "Fortune 500": millions of documents and thousands of daily activities are still successfully orchestrated by the DocFlow solution.
Starting from this extraordinary experience over the years, we have continuously increased our skills on collaborative processes, knowledge of business processes and system integration capabilities and have created more than 500 applications that accompany Client Companies along the Digital Transformation path.