Code of ethics


In DocFlow we believe in the value of work and considers the legality, correctness and transparency of action to be essential prerequisites for achieving its economic, productive and social objectives and affirms the appropriateness of its Code of Ethics in the pursuit of its social mission. The Code of Ethics also aims to introduce and make binding for the company the principles and rules of conduct relevant to the reasonable prevention of the offences indicated in Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The Code of Ethics, considered as a whole and together with all the specific implementation procedures approved by us, is considered an integral part of the employment contracts in force and to be stipulated, pursuant to Article 2104 of the Italian Civil Code. (Diligence of the Employer).

Violation of its provisions shall therefore constitute an offence of a disciplinary nature and, as such, shall be prosecuted and sanctioned by the company pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 7 (Disciplinary sanctions) of Law no. 300/1970 (Workers' Statute - Rules on the protection of the freedom and dignity of workers, trade union freedom and trade union activity in the workplace and employment regulations) and may result in compensation for damages caused to the organisation.

With regard to collaborators, consultants and self-employed workers (specified below among the recipients) who work for the company and other third parties, the signing of this Code of Ethics or an extract from it or, in any case, adherence to the provisions and principles laid down therein represent a "conditio sine qua non" for the stipulation of contracts of any kind between the company and such parties. The provisions thus signed or, in any case, approved, even for conclusive facts, constitute an integral part of the contracts themselves.

In view of what has been described above, any violations by the parties referred to in the previous paragraph of specific provisions of the Code of Ethics, according to their seriousness, may legitimise our withdrawal from the existing contractual relations with said parties and may also be identified ex ante as causes for automatic termination of the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. (Express termination clause).


The principles listed below are considered fundamental, so we are committed to respecting them in relation to everyone. It is also essential that these values do not remain mere statements but are translated into immanent conduct and behaviour. As an organisation and as individuals, all recipients in the work environment are required to apply them correctly in both internal and external operations and relationships.

The fundamental values on which our activity is based are:

  1. Integrity in compliance with Laws and Regulations
  2. Repudiation of all discrimination
  3. Centrality, development and enhancement of human resources and fairness of authority
  4. Territorial rooting
  5. Transparency and business ethics
  6. Quality
  7. Diversity
  8. Legality and the fight against terrorism and crime

In DocFlow, we expect these values to define its identity, unite employees and associates with the global organization.