What should I do if MyDò does not start inserting the USB stick?

If the software's AutoPlay program is not detected automatically, access the contents of the stick, double-click on "MyDò 2.0.exe " and MyDò will run.

I am asked for a PIN, what should I do?

The PIN is required to save (encrypt) documents in the archive. The first time you save, you will need to choose and set your PIN. Remember to save it for future use!

What happens if I forget my PIN?

If you lose your decryption key don't panic, DocFlow can help you, we can regenerate a new PIN if you give us the check digits by telephone.
Of course DocFlow will not be able to read your encrypted documents anyway. Send an email to: assistenza@docflow.it

How do I copy my files elsewhere?

To extract the entire archive and make a copy (e.g. to a hard disk location if the archive is on a flash drive or an external disk) simply click on the button

It is sufficient to specify the destination path; the archived files remain encrypted even in the backup copy.

Why can't I see a preview of a file in the Archive?

MyDò uses the same preview mechanism as the system, check that you have installed a recent version of the program required for viewing (Acrobat, Excel, etc...).

Can I sign my documents in bulk?

MyDò is designed for limited use, you can only sign one document at a time.

If you need to sign massively please contact mydo@docflow.it

I don't have a signature certificate on my smartcard, what can I do?

Run the file called "x86_MyDò 2.0.exe" instead of MyDò 2.0.exe.