The digitalization of business processes represents an element of discontinuity for companies because it implies a strong impact on people and organization. This type of innovation must therefore be managed with a correct path of transformation for it to be successful.
A purely technical approach tends to create "oases of dematerialization" within a substantially unchanged process, while very advanced process innovations can often lead to non-acceptance by stakeholders.
A valid approach must combine technological expertise with the ability to address the path of digital transformation possible in any specific business context.

Our methodology is based on four distinct and complementary phases that answer as many questions from our clients.


Where can I be more effective?

During this phase the analysis of the company context and business areas is carried out in search of potential areas for improvement. The outcome is an Opinion paper, outlining the opportunities for improvement by applying digital technologies; these opportunities are broken down into “Quick Hits” representing the segmentation of the transformation path into smaller projects or interventions.


What actions can I take to improve?

During this phase, the most advantageous Quick Hits are selected, highlighting their benefits with respect to the strategic objectives of the company or function. SWOT analysis are produced, rules of engagement and KPIs are defined, cost/benefit analysis are carried out and the roles of the actors involved and benefit sharing rules are established.


Who accompanies my company in the change?

During this phase, work is performed on the individual Quick Hits approved, the results expected from each Quick Hit are produced in terms of revised processes, reconfigured organizations or new technologies implemented according to the "Agile" methodology.


How to maintain effectiveness over time?

The Effective Care phase is configured as an advanced Application Management that aims to prevent early obsolescence of what has been done and maintain adherence to the changing business model. The phase is provided with a structure dedicated to the maintenance of the assets created, which makes use of an Observatory dedicated to governance, risk and compliance issues.