Active Cicle

Ciclo Atitvo2
  • Integration with ERP for the "capture" and subsequent archiving of the main documents related to the sales practice: offer/order/confirmation of order; Picking List; DDT; Invoices/Note Debit
  • Outlook integration for archiving orders received via email
  • Management of the return flow of DDT signed by the Customer
  • Document composition for the preparation of the active invoice with relative attachments
  • Multichannel sending of active invoices to customers: PEC, email, regular mail, publication on Portal
  • Qualified Signature and Digital Storage of Tax Relevant Documents
  • Customer Portal for document sharing and active communication
  • Management of offers and related approval flows
  • Complete management of the authorization procedures for the issuance of documents
  • Management of the transmission to customers of documentation upstream of the invoice and automated collection of responses
  • Management of returns and exceptions on issued invoices