Digital Storage

Conservazione Digitale

DocFlow is an AgID accredited Registrar and offers the following services related to Digital Preservation, accessibility to stored documents and ongoing support on regulations.

Digital Preservation

Conservation service in accordance with civil and fiscal documents. The service comes proposed in Outsourcing modality and that DocFlow is delegated to the conservation.

Portal of the Conservation

Web tool for online access to all documents transmitted to DocFlow and stored or awaiting storage.

Advanced Preservation Services

Technical-normative consulting services with the aim of ensuring over time the alignment of the conservation service with your process and your organization and the continuous updating of technologies, regulatory standards in the field of document conservation.

The Consulting division is constantly updated on the evolution of Italian and international technical and legal standards and guarantees that your processes and applications are always adequate from a technological and regulatory point of view.

Since 2000 DocFlow has been ISO 9001 certified for the application field "Design, development, installation and assistance of process and document management systems" which was extended in 2010 also to the Service area, responsible for the provision of conservation services.

The main Data Center from which conservation services are provided complies with ISO 27001 (ex BS7799). DocFlow also has a second physical site for maximum compliance with Business Continuity needs.

The DocFlow Digital Storage service is ISO 27001 certified and complies with the requirements of EU Regulation no. 910/2014 - eIDAS.

DocFlow is included in the list of subjects accredited by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) that carry out activities of preservation of computer documents and intend to achieve the recognition of the possession of the requirements of the highest level, in terms of quality and security. This requirement is essential in order to provide the storage service to Public Bodies and provides the guarantee of the highest standards of security and quality of data and document processing services to its customers.