Employee Dossier

Dossier Dipendente
  • Automatic archiving of contract documents issued by SAP and sent by Employees
  • Profiling based on data inherited from SAP/other ERP and subdivided by macro types of documents: administrative, payroll, personal and medical
  • Differentiated user profile for HR staff and access segregation by document type, location, cost center, etc.
  • Document search by fixed field and content or navigation on "dynamic views".
  • Massive actions on search results, e.g. emailing a .pdf document resulting from the aggregation of several selected documents; the .pdf also contains an index for navigation
  • Security: Access logs and documents consulted, encryption of documents and Digital Signature with qualified certificate with automatic "Watermarking" of each document extracted (who and when printed: date, IP, User)
  • Integration with SAP/other ERP that allows users to access the documents of the Employee Dossier directly from SAP/other ERP HR transactions
  • Pregresso: recovery of previous folders onsite with specialized service companies and low costs
  • Native integration with existing SaaS solution and "Web Services layer" (DPA) for integration with other ATG applications
  • Digital Storage HR Documents
  • Mobile Access
  • Massive extraction of document sets in case of audits, inspections or litigation
  • Improved governance of HR processes through centralization of documents resulting from individual processes