RIN - Integrated drafting of the regulations


A simple idea for a complex and delicate process: the REDUCTION, MODIFICATION, APPROVAL and CONSULTATION of the company procedures and regulations.

DocFlow RIN is a response to the many risks of penalties that are paid due to poor management of business procedures. In fact, it has increased the effort that organizations support to cure a regulatory body intact, traced and shared in a correct way.

DocFlow RIN is a DocFlow Best Practice that comes from the experience made on important international financial and insurance realities.

  • Totally digital workflow of the life cycle of procedures, process standards and group proxies
  • Support to the phases of editing and ''assisted'' integration with Microsoft Word
  • Portal of fruition based on semantic searches and hyperlinks between contents
  • Monitoring and tracking the entire machining process and publication
  • Dynamic workflow to orchestrate the entire life cycle of regulatory practices