Legalmail Ordini Elettronici Sanita NSO


  • Maintaining the reception channel active 24 hours a day;
  • Reception via PEPPOL of Orders;
  • Identification of Orders according to PEPPOL ID;
  • Generation of the PDF file applying the template approved by the State Accounting Department, easy to use and use;
  • Extraction of the main metadata identifying the Order;
  • Importing received Orders and related metadata on Synergy Portal already in use, both PDF and UBL files will be imported;
  • Activation of new users to access the Synergy Portal for the search and consultation of Orders in UBL and PDF formats and/or modification of existing users' access profiles;
  • Periodically, Digital Storage of Orders in UBL format;
  • Updating of Contract Specifications for the inclusion of the new stored document type, possible updating of proxies and creation of a new user (delegate) to access the Storage Portal.