Yubik Communication Hub

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Organizations, both public and private, produce, consume and exchange correspondence, often with "redundancy", on channels that at most document delivery. Inadequate management of communication channels to and from the outside exposes companies to increasingly significant risks. In particular, PEC communications give legal value to the documents and contents transmitted.

Yubik Communication HUB allows companies to effectively manage incoming and outgoing correspondence, supporting the entire processing cycle and guaranteeing organizations regulatory coverage, compliance and support for internal and external audits.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the solution is able to automate the classification of incoming communications and route them to the correct business functions.

The main functionalities are

  • Management of company PEC and MAIL channels and automatic acquisition of communications
  • Automatic classification of correspondence based on semantic content analysis
  • Determining and managing the level of risk associated with communications
  • Management of massive document sending campaigns through email and PEC channels
  • Enforcement of security rules and relevant assignment of user permissions
  • Management of the processes of creation, validation, approval and sending of correspondence to the outside world
  • Orchestration of routing processes and assignment of incoming correspondence within the organisation, also through automatic procedures.
  • Acquisition and collation of acceptance and delivery receipts for PEC communications
  • Electronic signature of attached documents
  • Tracking and consultation of all the events that occurred on the individual communications
  • Can be integrated with third party solutions
  • Digital storage in accordance with the law