E Invoicing 1

YIM was created to respond to new needs and opportunities for automation in the processing of accounting invoices.

YIM is an APIA: Account Payable Invoice Automation solution.


  • Process and data managed in accordance with the country's legislation
  • Specific and customizable workflows for each individual country
  • Current coverage: West EU, East EU, North Am, LatAm, FarEast


  • Integrated with national tax authority eInvoicing hubs
  • Data extraction from structured XML for automated verification strategies
  • Generation of courtesy PDF

ERP Integration

  • Integrated with ERP systems for Vendor, Company, PO, GR, and AP data
  • Extensive integration with SAP systems. Certified Software Package for SAP S4HANA
  • Web Services available for integration with other ERPs like JDE, Navision, AS400 or legacy systems

Vendor Proactivity

  • Dedicated access for the vendor, integrated with Jaggaer One
  • Multiple strategies and channels to allow vendors to submit a already correct invoice
  • The supplier participates in the following troubleshooting process

Zero-Touch rate

  • Automatic invoice data extraction and ERP data match channels:
  • 98% with Vendor proactivity
  • 80% with eInvoice management
  • 50% with machine learning on PDF and Paper
  • Manual Three-way-match in help for remaining invoices
  • Automatic ERP booking of correct invoices

Collaborative Workflow

  • Workflow with queue management able to involve all the users and roles interested in the process
  • Approval workflows, Two-factor authentication, Request for additional data or documents
  • Forwarding files to colleagues or collaborators
  • Non pre-set dynamic flow
  • Work Process Graphic Editor