Delegation of Autority


The assignment and management of authority in an organization is a complex and risky process. Role changes, resignations, new internal procedures, and the abrogation and reassignment of authority are all part of the process.

DocFlow DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY digitizes the assignment and management of authority within an organization through a waterfall process. It simplifies maintenance through strong integration with the organization chart, job description and assigned delegations.


  • Management of the master list of authorities and any sub-authorities
  • Glossary of limits to be applied during delegations
  • Management of numerical values (percentages, economic values)
  • Word composition of the delegation assignment document
  • Display of a matrix of authorities
  • Actions/alerts in case of changes (easy administration and updating)


  • Better control of the empowerment process
  • Customizable process that can be adapted to your organization's model
  • Reduced business risks due to greater consistency between internal regulations and executed processes
  • Reduced process management costs (time consuming)
  • Greater transparency of delegated authorities
  • Integration of rules into management information systems
  • Reuse of content and automatic alerts/actions in case of changes (easy to administer and maintain)