Yubik Approve

Smart Working

The barriers imposed by Smart Working often hinder teamwork. There is a growing need for solutions that digitize daily work practices, and online collaboration tools are key.

Many offer teams immediate ways to communicate and share work, others simple remote e-signature functions.

Yubik Approve offers more flexible and robust functionality to help you manage horizontal processes and work together more productively

Yubik Approve is a digital ecosystem, consisting of a mix of technologies and applications, that allows you to digitize work processes without neglecting the need to process and preserve attached documents and tracking all internal and external communication exchange within the workgroup.

With Yubik Approve, no more questions...

  • Where are the documents related to this purchase?

  • What have we discussed with this vendor?

  • Who approved this technical specification?

  • What version does the customer have in hand?

Yubik Approve is a kit of 3 applications available on DocFlow's Yubik platform. Their characteristic is simplicity and immediacy.

3 Best Practices: born from the experience gained in the field and from the relationships with hundreds of medium and large companies.

Three basic business processes, easy to adopt and ready to use.


  • Approval and validation of working documents
  • Collection of ''approvals'' and electronic signatures
  • Archiving of final documents


  • Opening of support tickets or other non-conformities
  • Resolution process
  • Archiving of related documents


  • Request for generic and collaborative activities
  • Processing and confirmation of outcomes
  • Archiving of related documents