Yubik Human Resources

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The evolution of business processes, which are becoming more and more collaborative, timely and flexible, requires technologies capable of supporting flexible and horizontal working dynamics of organizations.

Yubik Human Resources enables companies to effectively manage employee documentation by introducing the Employee Digital Dossier and orchestrating the collaborative processes that feed it.

Thanks to features such as electronic signatures and collaborative document editing, Yubik Smart Working HR guarantees paper-free processes. With HR management integration, Yubik HR enables the alignment of data, content and activities to and from third-party systems. Yubik HR supports HR by digitizing the entire document processing cycle.

Thanks to the tracking of events and activities, Yubik HR guarantees regulatory coverage, compliance and support internal and external audit activities.

Digital Employee Dossier

Manages all employee records: administrative, payroll, medical and personnel. Enforces security and content segregation rules. Manages Schedule and notification events.

Collaborative Processes

Orchestrates the collaborative processes that feed the employee file. Includes two out-of-the-box processes that enable coverage of key document management needs between. Allows the configuration of specific workflows to ensure greater adherence to organizational procedures.

Integration Modules

Integrates HR management systems such as Employee Self Service, Human Capital Management and other systems for bi-directional sharing of employee records and enables document capture and linking. Intercepts events from integrated systems to open work files, perform process actions and employee files.


  • Employee Personal Data
  • Document Management
  • Template library and document composition
  • Document archiving
  • Privacy and Security Management
  • Deadline Management
  • Digital Storage


Yubik HR orchestrates the collaborative processes that feed the employee file. The solution includes two ready-to-use processes that enable coverage of the main document management needs between Employees and HR. Where necessary, specific workflows can be configured to ensure greater adherence to organizational procedures.


  • Rationalization of HR resources located at branch offices thanks to the centralization of many sensitive activities
  • Simplified archiving thanks to the elimination of paper folders and distributed filing
  • Electronic access to documents during normal HR operations
  • Massive extractions of sets of documents in case of audits, inspections or litigation
  • Saving of space dedicated to the physical storage of paper, which will be remote
  • Compliance with regulations such as Privacy, 231, SOX
  • Greater governance of HR processes thanks to the centralization of documents resulting from individual processes