Business Process Management

DocFlow helps companies to archive and manage documents in electronic format thanks to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) link technology. But to really save money and work better eliminating paper is not enough: you also need to rethink the processes by which paper is produced and the "paths" that information follows to complete an activity.
To do this you need Business Process Management (BPM): an information technology to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes.

The Companies that do not use the BPM are usually afflicted from situations of this kind:

  • you work with Outlook full of emails that sometimes escape you
  • desks are full of documents to view, approve and share with colleagues
  • there are post-its scattered here and there with notes of crucial importance
  • if an employee is absent is not said to find the information you need
  • if the person in charge who has to approve something does not do so, everything freezes up

This means working in PUSH mode: people have to "push" the process to make it work.
Sending e-mails, checking receipt, soliciting feedback, processing the data for approval requests, tapping the contact person to unlock the file... lots of TIME, lots of FACT and COSTS that can be saved.
With the BPM instead you can work without "pushing", in PULL mode, i.e. letting the process be "pulled" from the system.


The BPM (Business Process Management), redesigns business processes and ensures that the right information arrives automatically to the most suitable interlocutor, at the right time and in the right mode. With a relatively small investment in technology and resources it is possible to achieve enormous results in terms of process efficiency, productivity, control and agility of activities.
DocFlow has developed hundreds of applications and gained specific expertise in various business sectors.
Using BPM makes it possible to predict the outcome of each project and quantify its benefits in monetary terms.

In general the advantages are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Best customer service
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Superior financial performance
  • Compliance with current regulations
  • Best practice management