Enterprise Content Management

Too much paper in the office? From accounting data storage to electronic couponing, from the sales office to the technical office, today technology reduces costs and improves management in different areas of the company. To do this you need an ECM system.
ECM is the set of technologies and IT tools that allow the management (capture, storage, archiving and delivery) of documents and content produced and received by a company, regardless of their format (paper, email, etc.). For an exhaustive definition of ECM:

The advantages of ECM are:

  • iduction of paper management and manual processes with the associated probability of error;
  • reduction of paper archives;
  • fewer lost documents;
  • faster access to information (also via web);
  • greater control over records;
  • streamlining business processes;
  • security over access and modification of records;
  • reliable and accurate traceability of document access.

The technologies used in an ECM system are usually software (applications and systems) and hardware (scanners, barcode readers, computers, printers, storage disks...).

DocFlow uses OpenText and Microsoft SharePoint technologies that are leaders in ECM systems worldwide.