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DocFlow tra i relatori al prossimo Local GARTNER Briefing, Milano 9 ottobre

Si parlerà di "Digital Business Ecosystem"

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In occasione del prossimo Local GARTNER Briefing dedicato alla tematica "DIGITAL BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM", dopo gli interventi di scenario a cura di alcuni analisti Gartner, Fabio El Ariny, Partner DocFlow, parteciperà alla Tavola Rotonda dedicata ai protagonisti dell'offerta.


Building your Digital Business Ecosystem

Peter Skyttegaard, Director Gartner Research
The next wave of digital innovation is set to come from the business ecosystem. In our surveys, we find most organizations looking to the business ecosystem for opportunities, including multidimensional and including far neighbor industries. In this session, we will explore the trends and provide a framework to help CIO understand the threats and opportunities across their business ecosystem.

Capitalizing on your Business Ecosystem with Digital Platforms

Philip Allega, VP Gartner Research
In the digital business era, integrating your business ecosystems becomes critical for competitiveness, as well as basic operations. In this presentation, we'll explore the importance of business ecosystems, how leading organizations are architecting their ecosystems, and the business and technology opportunities and challenges of creating a digital business platform to integrate your ecosystem.

Vendor Scenario for Digital Business Ecosystem

Moderator Bianca Granetto, MVP Gartner Research
Among the speakers, Fabio El Ariny – Partner DocFlow

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