E-Invoicing Services for Italy


As of Jan 1° 2017, Art.1(2) of Legislative Decree n.127/2015 has extended the usage of the Exchange System for sending and receiving e-invoices from Public Administration to the Private Sector.

Starting from January 2019, it will be mandatory to send and receive invoices through the electronic Exchange System platform complying the requirements and standards defined by the regulations.

DocFlow, as an accredited intermediary, offers a service to check, sign and send customer invoices through the electronic Exchange System platform, as well as receiving and matching the incoming receipts, check the delivery and outcome receipts.

Receipt of XML invoices from the Exchange System “Sistema d’Interscambio (SDI)“ and usage of the e-invoice Receipt Portal for monitoring the received documents.

By setting up the eInvoice receipt services, DocFlow commits to:

  1. Maintain the receipt channel active h24
  2. Receive through the officially accredited web service channel the invoices in XML format;
  3. Verify and validate the actual addressee of the invoice, through the identification and checking of the VAT number contained in the XML file received.
  4. Generate a PDF file for each invoice, in a compact, easy to-use format, standard for all suppliers.
  5. Make received invoices available to the Client in the Receiving Portal, with the possibility to download the invoices in XML and PDF format. Invoices can be retrieved though the receiving date and the SdI identification number. The Portal traces all invoices that have been downloaded.

Transmission of the XML invoices to the Exchange System “Sistema d’Interscambio (SDI)“ and usage of the Transmission Portal for displaying delivery and exception receipts.

The services comprises the following steps:

  1. Acquisition of the invoices to be sent to SdI from the Client. The invoice must be in the XML format compliant to the current Italian norms and regulations (FatturaPA) or its equivalent CSV file (as provided by DocFlow).
  2. Check of the completeness of the data contained in the XML file, with reference to the mandatory data required by the “FatturaPA” format. The data associated with each file must be complete. If the data is not complete, the non-compliant XML file will be rejected.
  3. Enrichment of the invoice with the transmission data (e.g. transmission serial number).
  4. Applying a digital signature containing a time reference on each XML file (DocFlow will require a written authorisation from its Client)
  5. Transmission of file through the mail transmission channel (web service); if the service is unavailable transmission will be attempted for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if the unavailability of the Exchange System service persists, DocFlow’s Client reference Contact will be alerted.
  6. Collection of delivery receipts from the Exchange System and of acceptance/rejection/expiry notifications to link them to the invoice;
  7. Periodic preparation of the "package" of invoices and receipts to be sent to the digital legal archiving system


DocFlow will activate up to three user access on its Transmission Portal. The web Portal collects all receipts sent by the Exchange system and highlights the transmission states as well as notifying any transmission exception.

Legal Digital Preservation

DocFlow will activate the legal digital preservation services of customer invoices received and suppliers invoices sent, as bettere specified hereinafter. DocFlow digital preservation platform is certified by the Italian authority AGID.

Se following sequence of operations will be carried out, regardless of the way files have been acquired:

  • Acquisition of documents and submission package
  • Document check and Submission Report
  • Numbering check
  • Preservation Packages
  • Index formation
  • Preservation Portal

The Digital Preservation service is directly provided by DocFlow through it’s qualified personnel working from the Italian office of Rozzano (Milano).